Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I get on a soapbox about babies...

Okay, I am seriously distressed.

First, I am sorry that I have been away. I am apartment hunting right now and that is a hard job! So, I am back to trolling youtube for videos.

But, before we get to the videos, let me tell you about two things that are disturbing me. 1) I actually got reprimanded on facebook for the language in one of the videos I posted. I don't have any Facebook friends under the age of 21, so I do not edit for foul language. If you watch videos on Facebook with your kids in your lap, that is not my problem. Ever. So, friends, I should warn you I guess, that despite the fact that there are babies on my website, it is not for babies. In this case, since this is a public site, I will warn you if its gonna be gross, or have a bad word in it.

2) There is a video on YouTube of a baby playing in the TOILET! I am not embedding it on my website, because I am morally opposed to it. Seriously, it IS kind of funny if the baby sticks his hand in the toilet and says "I found water." It is not however funny that instead of stopping said baby from sticking his hands in the disgusting toilet, you are filming it. Not cool. Come on.

But, Marie, you ask me, what IS cool?

Well, this IS cool.

Also, this is cool. Babies love this game. My nephew calls it Octopus.

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